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PSIONICS. From the Greek, Psi, "the mind" and the suffix"-onics", meaning "waves". Literally, your mind waves.•

Psionics Class a Brief Intro

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Randy Cramer's Psionics Classes Outline


LEVEL 1 Class: Psionics Foundations (Cost $333 USD)

Module 1: What is Psionics, Psionics Operating systems (See Intro Video)

Module 2: The Brain, Bridging the consciousness gaps

Module 3: The Mind/Brainwaves

Module 4: Meditation, Breathing, Visualization

LEVEL 2 Class: Psionics Fundamental Techniques (Cost $444 USD)

Module 5: The Mind & Body Experience, The Energy Body

Module 6: Psionics Defense, BB Helmet, Body Bubble

Module 7: Psionics Programming/Disciplines, Psionic Object/creation

Module 8: Planetary / Celestial Energy system

LEVEL 3 Class: Applied Psionics Series (Cost: $455 USD)

Module 9: The Merkabah Field

Module 10: Programming Energy Fields, Field Dynamics, Surrogate fields, NLP

Module 11: Higher Self?/Lower Self/Middle Self/Whole Self

Module 12: Mastering the Development of IQ, EQ and PQ

Coming Soon…

Level 4 Class: Expanded Psionics In action (Cost:$TBD)

Modules 13-16 - Stay tuned. More on these later :-)

All class levels are progressions - so you will need to take them in sequence, but your pace and progress might vary, so take your time. This is not something to rush through and put a checkbox "done" - All Modules are Online/self paced courses with workbooks and assignments.

As you progress - you will be able to join Randy's Live Zoom sessions that correspond to the modules.


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Taught by Capt. Randy Cramer, USMCss is an intensive study of Psionics, the laws that govern them and how they are practiced and mastered. We will be discussing the Physical Laws that govern Psionics, as well as the impact of brainwave patterns and the discussion of brainwave mastery and techniques of harmonizing your brainwave patterns. We will also discuss various principles that govern the use of Psionics and some techniques for protecting the mind and body, discussion on meditation and various techniques and some specific tools for harnessing ones maximum potential as a human being.

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