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Big news my friend...

I am beyond thrilled to introduce you to our brand new teaching platform, the University of Conscious Evolution. All Covert Space Cowboy and Capt Randy Cramer content will now be available exclusively through UCE.

So come give us a visit at the new site here.

As we start to add new courses to this platform, we will be officially removing the original meditation and psionic development program and replacing it with version 2.0 in the near future.

We are offering the full program one final time at $777 before this class is sunsetted.

You can grab the class bundle here for the next two weeks.

At UCE, you will begin to find exclusive education and training opportunities from global experts on physical, spiritual and psionic development, all targeted at unlocking your superhuman abilities, the infinite power of your mind, and your capacity to heal from anything.

Capt Randy's meditation and psionic development course is a prerequisite for the amazing programs to come, so don't miss your chance to experience the original version!

If you are a new student and have any questions about this or any future programs, please contact us at [email protected]

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If you are a current student and would like to join our level 2, 3 or 4 course, please reach out as well and we will coordinate something for you.

A mind is a wonderful thing to master.

Capt. Randy Cramer

PS, If you feel that you need the personal expertise of Capt. Cramer, you can always book a private consultation with him here.

Learn About Psionics

Learn how to control and use your “Mind Powers”. It is The fundamentals of how to protect yourself from “interferences’ from on and off-planet beings

Private 1:1 Online consultations (60-Mins or 90-Mins).

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Upcoming, Facebook Live Intro to Psionics sessions

For the Public: For students and your friend who are interested in psionics, I will be doing a couple of Facebook Live sessions open to everyone/Public on FB who wants to know more about Psionics and introduce them to the Curriculum - Students are welcome to share my FB page Tell tell them to FOLLOW the page for updates for classes etc and to join the FB Live sessions at NOON (Sat+Sun). Direct Event links for the events: (please share these on your pages)

Saturday FB Live event:

Sunday FB Live Event:

About Capt. Randy Cramer

My knowledge is extensive, and I continue to learn and grasp the situation in a way that only can be seen from the internal machinations. Coupled with 20 years of experience from a very hands on military career makes me one of the most knowledgeable USMCss. officers, and as yet, the only one whom to be given the direct authority through his chain of command to make that knowledge available to the public and civilian government.

Since the USMCss command considers the weakening of our economy and the divisive political infighting as direct threats to national security, they have asked me to step forward and have encouraged me to offer my consulting services to assist my countrymen and the globe to make adjustments for better future technologies as well as restore legal and executive authority over ALL covert programs or risk further weakening of the US economy and social structure to devastating effect, as USMCss. national security assessments and projections show. Since it is the counter intelligence programs to keep secrecy that are at the heart of our social and economic symptoms of distress. These two things are intimately attached and one cannot be solved without the other.

I’ve been asked to speak more openly to the public, and civic bodies on the subject of exopolitics as best as my own experience and special section briefings can make me. Having spent a 20 year tour of duty with the EDF, that experience and knowledge is vast. My observations on tactical analysis of this subject are based on more than 2 decades of objective and rational experiences to apply as a consultant on all affairs exoplotique and a vast array of socio-technological interactions that can be applied to current gaps between the here and now and living in a world of the future. My discipline and mental prowess began early, as I was a meditating daily by age 10. This prepared me for the shock and realization that my memories had been altered for security purposes, and that my PTSD symptoms were from terrors I could never have expected. Many years of deep introspective work, and working with many, many wonderful caring and gifted healers in a wide array of fields eventually led to a full recovery of all my memories. Which were followed by orders from my chain of command to pursue an avenue to attain my personnel files. After three years of working with my congressman’s office, having filled out the SF-180 and mailing back and forth many requests to many government archives it became clear that no one was willing to go to the right agency and ask (I believe for fear of reprisal from said agency (NSA)), for the correct forms that I had been informed I needed and for which I made three hand written requests. It also became clear that unless I wanted to become my own lawyer this was going to be a dead end. After discussions with a Brigadier General, it was suggested to go forward without that paperwork. That the consequences of further delay were to severe to wait out a bureaucratic wall. With this webpage and the work I am doing with colleagues in the field of exopolitics, I hope to be able to help everyone find better solutions to these problems. That’s why I was asked to bring my 20 years of knowledge and experience from a USAP no one has ever heard of, until now, to civilian government and the non-classified branches of the military. Since, we believe, they will be offered up as sacrificial lambs in the coming global wars, that are absolutely unnecessary given the true mastery we have over the laws of physics, energy generation, propulsion and telecommunications. We should all share in the benefits of this progress. We should all share in the fruits of our tax dollars and the labors of employees on the government’s dollar, our dollar. We should all have a future we can look forward to, and not just a pretty one for some, but for all the people of this living and conscious planet.

Capt. Randy Cramer

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Please feel free to contact me with questions about services and consultations. As I am extremely busy helping others, please be aware that it may take me a while to answer emails, but I do try my best to get back to people as soon as possible. Thanks Again!

Email us at [email protected]

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